Monday, November 9, 2009

Nip/Tuck/Thoughts: Mime Doesn't Pay

I don’t even know where to start.

How about with the fact that, in its final season, Nip/Tuck is delivering some of the most dementedly entertaining episodes in all of television? (And this is the week AFTER Mario Lopez modeled women’s underwear.)

Yes, the show ceased being a serious drama after the whole Carver debacle, but I’m actually digging the show’s “how crazy can we possible get?” attitude as it winds down. It’s almost as if the show is saying, “You can take your tearful reunions or goodbyes and shove ‘em — we’re going to show you a woman who can smash a pumpkin with her breasts!”

That’d be Jenny Juggs, the latest employee at Christian’s favored strip club. (Any guesses on how high his tab there was?) After Christian got a bit handsy with Jenny she beat him up with her gloriously absurd size G breasts (they looked like double Zs to me). Remarkably, this is only Christian’s second most embarrassing injury in the show’s run — I still stay having his nose broken after a woman he was giving oral sex to sneezed is worse. Then again, that’s probably because (like Sean) I couldn’t take Christian’s injury — with his black eye and neck brace — seriously.

Since Jenny was played by Kiersten Warren (nutcase Nora on “Desperate Housewives”) she was a complete psycho. Sean and Christian thought she was scary when she smashed that pumpkin in her YouTube video, but I say destroying the phone at the McNamara/Troy reception office was even worse/better. She begged Christian for a breast reduction, but I think we all knew she’d flip out once her most memorable assets were gone. Still, I hope Jenny makes at least one more appearance before the show signs off for good. (This show is pretty good about bringing back memorable guest stars.) She definitely left an impression.

Matt (pictured, right) has apparently left an impression on his robbery victims. I don’t know why, but I found it amusing when that Asian shop lady said, “You’re that mime that’s been robbing people!” as if Los Angeles is crawling with mimes and Matt just happens to be the one that’s robbing people. (The lineup and each mime’s interpretation of a gun was another highlight.)

As I’ve said before, I’m thoroughly enjoying this subplot against all odds. Christian and Sean almost busted Matt when they tried to see him perform and heard about the famed mime robber. Although, it should still be pretty clear that Matt is NOT bringing in thousands of dollars just from miming, the show did a nice job of having Matt bluff and cast doubt in Sean and Christian’s minds. Of course, all that doubt will probably go away now that Matt showed up at Christian’s place with a hole in his stomach, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.

This episode was so good that I even completely enjoyed Rose McGowan’s Teddy for the first time!

After a little back and forth with a bratty Annie — we know that Teddy wants to kill them, but Annie doesn’t, so the attitude is actually mostly uncalled for — Teddy suggested Sean, Annie and Conor (80% less claw-y) go on a camping trip. (Great job by McGowan in this episode in turning up the sweet/creepy.)

During the trip, Teddy drugged Sean, Conor and (or so she thought) Annie and tried to poison them while they slept with carbon monoxide. Unfortunately for her, the episode had a twist straight out of Jeffrey Deaver’s “Twisted” collection of short stories (check it out!).

As soon as she ran encountered the loner, astronomy aficionado, I told my girlfriend Erica that the dude was giving off a serial killer-y vibe. Indeed, he tried to knock her out, but Teddy ran back to Sean’s camper for safety, but he had left with his kids. At first, I thought Teddy might be able to pin the attempted murder of Sean and his family on the guy, but Teddy’s character had no such luck.

Now Sean pretty much figures his wife tried to kill him and Teddy will probably be discovered in several different pieces. (Oh well, serves her right!)

So what’d you think of this episode? Do you think we’ll see Teddy again? (Alive?) Do you feel that the show has gotten TOO crazy? Finally, are you looking forward to the return of Julia?


Henry said...

that show is out of control. but I am enjoying it, as ususal.

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